The Government of the Virgin Islands' compulsory retirement age is 60.

A permanent position is one where there is no defined employment end date and the employee receives a benefits package. A temporary position is one that has a defined duration of employment with a contract end date. Depending on the employee group, some temporary positions will come with an additional payment in lieu of certain benefits. Details will be provided under ‘more info’ within the job advertisement.

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) is the designated administrative hub of national disaster management mechanism in the Virgin Islands.  It provides the centralized coordination and control of emergency or disaster response and relief mechanisms on a 24 hour basis.

DDM serves as the overall coodinating agency to ensure implementation of the policied and plans that have been set by National Disaster Management Council.  DDM maintains the office in a state of rediness for the activatiion on the NEOC at short notice. The activation of the NEOC requires a significant change in roles and responsibilites among DDM staff. Guidelines have been developed and tested which allows for a smooth transition.

The EAP Programme is a counseling-based confidential service available for employees to help them address a wide range of personal and work-related issues.
Employees are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to the standards and objectives listed on their performance agreement. If an employee does not fully understand an objective or standard, it is his/her responsibility to make their uncertainty known and seek out the necessary clarification. Employees are responsible for remaining open to suggestions and feedback from their supervisor and are encourage asking questions and seeking input when they are unsure of what to do. Employees are responsible for attending all meeting with their supervisor and discussing their performance in an open, honest and professional way. Employees are responsible for preparing a self assessment prior to the their annual assessment meeting and taking an active role in the assessment process. Finally, employees are responsible for pursuing available training and development opportunities and making any changes to their behavior recommended as a result of the assessment.
The evaluation process consists of a variety of assessments, usually including an interview. This is the step in our hiring where we evaluate the candidates selected from all the applications received during the job advertising. Applicants whose resume and cover letter best demonstrated how they met the job qualifications listed in the job ad will be invited to participate in this step. The evaluation process gives you the opportunity to show why you are the best person for the job. To learn more, see an overview of our hiring steps

The national Disaster Management Council is an inter-instituional umbrella organization that has the mandate for the work done by the Department of Disaster Management.  Policies or new projects proposed by the NDMC must be presented by the chairman to the Cabinet for approval.

The National Disaster Management Cocuncil (NDMC) is organizated into Committees.  Each Committee is expected to have its ownsub-plan, which becomes part of the Natinal Disaster Management Plan.  The NDMC meets annully in June to review reports and work programmes and make recommendations to government regarding disaster management.



The performance management programme provides supervisors and employees with the means to define performance standards and objectives over a given year. These standards are then used to measure the employee's performance and determine areas for future training and development.
Our counselor can help you overcome marital and or family discord, emotional distress, job related stress, alcohol abuse, grieving and loss, concerns about ageing parents, issues with children and more. However in certain situations the EAP Counsellor may refer you to an outside person or agency that can provide the specialised care you may need.