This service allows registered voters to be educated on the process of and obtain Voter ID Cards .


Step 1:  Voter present him/herself to the Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

Step 2:  Voter takes photograh and captures signature.

Step 3:  Voter verifies information.

Step 4:  Voter is given a date for collection.

Step 5:  Voter is educated on card duration and re-issue policies.

Step 6:  Voter is issued his/her card and signs acknoledgement of receipt.


Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

1 to 2 Weeks

Additional Notes

Voter ID Cards will be issued free in the first instance. Duplicate cards required within the life of the first card will be issued at a cost. In addition to the internal process, field work will be organized to capture photos and signatures of registered voters. The Public will be officially informed of the arrangements

Department Contact Information

Office of the Supervisor of Elections

216 Upper Main Street
Creque Building
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Email Address:

Telephone: 1(284) 468-4380
Fax: 1(284) 468-2779