Special Services are classed into two categories, Chargeable and Free services.


Non-Chargeable Special Services

This is a free service that may be classed as an Emergency. Other free Special Services which do not constitute an emergency and an attendance can only be made with the permission of the customer or on order of the Supervisor.

Dealing with emergencies not under the direct control of the person requiring the service:

• Flooding due to exceptional rainfall
• Overflowing of ghuts or drains
• Bursting of water main
• Cleaning of road after a road traffic accident
• Incident involving spillage of hazardous substances
• Trapped children in railings
• Animal rescue
• Installation of child restraining seats

N.B. The saving, rescue or protection of human life or animal life from imminent danger DOES NOT include animals in precarious positions above ground unless a request is made.

Chargeable Special Services

This is a chargeable service that is done based on the customers request. All other services that are not listed as non-chargeable services will require a fee.

These may include:-

• Filling or emptying of tanks, cisterns or dunk tanks using the resources of the Fire Service
• Loaning of Fire Equipment (standpipe, hoses)
• Standby duties at places of public entertainment
• Washing roads and docks
• Flushing blocked drains


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