E.g., 17 Jun 2024
E.g., 17 Jun 2024

Statement by Premier Wheatley on the Establishment of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sustainable Development

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 5:31pm

Statement delivered by the Premier, Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley at the Third Sitting of the First Session of the Fifth House of Assembly of The Virgin Islands, 7 September 2023


Statement by Premier Wheatley on Hurricane Recovery – Reflections 6 Years After Irma

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 5:16pm


Statement by

Hon. Natalio D. Wheatley

Premier and Minister of Finance

3rd Sitting of the 1st Session of the 5th House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands

7 September, 2023


Statement by Premier Wheatley on Recovery Efforts in the Virgin Islands

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 5:02pm









Statement by Premier Wheatley on Immigration Reform

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 4:32pm

Madam Speaker, today, we stand at a pivotal moment in the history of our beloved British Virgin Islands. It is a moment that holds the promise of shaping the very foundations of our society – the future of our immigration policies and the profound impact they have on our future.

Statement by Premier Wheatley on Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 4:24pm

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to be able to update this Honourable House on a major milestone for our tax administration system in the Virgin Islands which is targeted to go live by the end of this month.

Statement by Honourable Rymer - Unprecedented Growth in Cruise Passenger Arrivals Since Summer 2021

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 4:11pm

Madam Speaker, the cruise industry in the Virgin Islands plays a vital role in the overall tourism sector, contributing to the economic growth and development of these beautiful islands. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes, the Virgin Islands has emerged as a popular destination for cruise operators and tourists alike.

Statement by Honourable Rymer - Main Street Two Way Upgrade

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 4:03pm

Madam Speaker, I rise to provide an update on the traffic in the capital of Road Town.

Statement by Deputy Premier Illicit Finance Dialogue: Senior Officials’ Meeting

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - 3:40pm

Madam Speaker,

I am grateful for the opportunity to share information regarding an upcoming event that holds great significance in our collective efforts to address the challenge of global illicit financial flows. Senior Officials from the Overseas Territories (OTs) and the United Kingdom (UK) and will be meeting here in the Virgin Islands from the 12th to the 14th of September 2023 for a meeting on Illicit Finance. This meeting will be co-chaired by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Government of the Virgin Islands.

Statement by Honourable Vincent Wheatley on World Alzheimer's Month

Monday, 4 September 2023 - 4:23pm

For September, the Virgin Islands' community joins the rest of the world in observing World Alzheimer's Month. The observation of World Alzheimer's Month is being spearheaded by Alzheimer's Disease International to raise awareness of dementia and to help address and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease.

Cabinet Decisions - 23rd August, 2023

Thursday, 31 August 2023 - 2:21pm

Cabinet Meeting – 23rd August, 2023

His Excellency, the Governor John, J. Rankin, CMG, chaired the meeting held on 23rd August, 2023, which was held at the Premier's Conference Room, Cutlass Tower.

All Members were present.