Territorial Dress

On 24th July 2012 the Territorial dress of the Virgin Islands was officially adopted by the House of Assembly. At the heart of the Territorial dress, is the Virgin Islands Print to Territorial Print which depicts unique aspects of our culture: The turtle dove, oleander, hibiscus, soursop, sugar apple and the Virgin Islands sloop along with the islands of the Virgin Islands and our name represented in the cloth. The print has been created in white, blue and red fabrics. Mrs. Florence Phillips and Miss Kristin Frazer designed the Territorial Dress while Mr. Kieron Harry designed the Territorial Print.


Like the territorial song, the territorial dress was announced by the Minister of Education & Culture, Honourable Myron V. Walwyn on December, 2011. He stated that the Government of the Virgin Islands would hold a "Territorial Song and Dress Competition. The selection of the song and dress was as a result of a motion that was moved by Honourable Walwyn. The motion stated that an ad-hoc committee on the territorial song and dress would be appointed with the members being: Ms. Eileene Parsons, Chairman, Dr. Charles Wheatley, Mrs. Sheila Brathwaite, Honourable Delores Christopher and the Acting Director of Culture Brenda Lettsome-Tye.