Placetopay is the electronic payment platform that the Government of the Virgin Islands uses to process online transactions generated in the virtual store with the payment methods enabled for this purpose.
In the virtual store of the Government of the Virgin Islands, you can make your payment with debit or credit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo.
To protect your data, the Government of the Virgin Islands delegates to Placetopay the capture of your sensitive information. Our payment platform meets the highest standards required by the international PCI DSS standard for security in credit, debit and prepaid card transactions. It also has an SSL security certificate issued by GeoTrust, a Verisign company, which guarantees secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site; this way, you can feel safe when entering your card information.
During the payment process, the browser displays the name of the authenticated organization, the authority that certifies it and the address bar changes to green. These features are immediately visible and give guarantee and confidence to complete the transaction on Placetopay.
Placetopay also has constant monitoring by McAfee Secure and the signing of electronic messages with Certicámara.
Yes, in the Government of the Virgin Islands' virtual store, you can make your purchases online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day just a click away.
If you have not finalized your payment yet, you can go back to the initial step and choose the payment method that you prefer. Once the payment transaction is completed, it is not possible to change the payment method.
No, electronic payments made through Placetopay do not generate additional costs for the customer.
Yes, paying online saves you time. No wait, no long lines.
In the first instance, you must check if a payment confirmation email arrived in your email account (the one registered at the time of making the payment). In case you have not received it, you must contact the the Government of the Virgin Islands' Customer Service Care Center at 284-468-3701 or email to confirm the status of the transaction.
In case your transaction has been declined, you must check if the account information is valid; if it is enabled for non-face-to-face purchases and if you have space or available balance; If after this you continue to experience the declines you should contact the government department to which the servce belongs for direction.
For each transaction approved through Placetopay, you will receive proof of payment with the purchase reference at the email address that you provided at checkout. If you do not receive it, you can contact the Customer Service Care Center at 284-468-3701 or email to request the forwarding of the service receipt to the same email address registered at the time of payment.
You should check if the transaction was successful at your card issuer. If payment was sucessful, then contact the Customer Service Care Center to make a report. They will assist you towards a resolution of the issue. 
Yes. It is important that the document is validated within the payment process, in order to correctly identify the cardholder's data, Placetopay uses this information so that the financial institution recognizes its correct origin and transmitted securely. At no time will this information be disclosed, as it is used for transactional security purposes and to prevent fraud.