Press Release

Premier's Office
BVI Tourist Board
Release Date:
Friday, 8 July 2022 - 6:32am

The Government of the Virgin Islands is seeking qualified persons to serve as board members of the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB).

The BVITB was established under the Tourist Board Ordinance (CAP 280) under the portfolio of the Premier’s Office. The Board’s role is to promote, foster and encourage tourist investment within the Virgin Islands utilising measures and strategies as deemed fit.

In contributing to the governance and policy direction of BVITB, prospective candidates must bring special talent, skill, and knowledge. This may include Board experience, understanding of basic Board procedures, business, and an enthusiasm for the work of the organisation, willingness to learn Board skills, technical skills, the ability to listen and maintain confidentiality.

Persons applying to serve on the Board or nominated should have the professional competencies and a balance of skills that match the mandate and responsibilities of the Board of BVITB.

Ideal candidates should embody a willingness to make a professional commitment to the Board in carrying out its vision and mission and actively contribute to the discussion on related topics; clearly understand the industry and the needs of its stakeholders; partner with the Chairperson to ensure that all Board resolutions are carried out and that actions to achieve the Board’s strategic goals are successfully executed; and demonstrate a commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and good corporate governance.

Candidates should also be capable and willing to attend scheduled Board meetings, and actively contribute to the Board deliberations; develop a good working relationship with other Board members and contribute to the Board’s working relationship with its senior management; think strategically, manage complexity and act decisively and demonstrate ability and willingness to work effectively and collaboratively in a group.

Board members will include representatives from each of the four main islands and must possess the requisite leadership skills, training, and experience in various tourism industry sectors, including small hotels/villas; large hotels; marine association; taxi and livery services; travel agents; tour operators/cruise; marine activity/entertainment; cultural activity/entertainment; and night life/bars.

Application forms are due by Saturday, July 16, 2022 and sent via email and/or hand delivered along with a cover letter, resumé or curriculum vitae and submit to:

Permanent Secretary

Premier’s Office

Cutlass Building

Second Floor Road Town,

Tortola British Virgin Islands

Tel: (284) 468-2152



NOTES TO EDITOR(S): Vacancy notice and application form are attached.