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Town and Country Planning Department
Release Date:
Friday, 21 November 2014 - 4:30pm

A scene from the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day public exhibit held on November 19 at the Central Administration Complex. GIS Day is observed annually by the Town and Country Planning Department, in conjunction with the National GIS Committee. This year’s event highlighted the use of GIS technology in various Government departments under the theme “Discovering a World through GIS: Health and Safety. GIS is a computer-based mapping tool that takes information from a database such as locations, streets, parcel numbers, buildings, terrains, and other physical elements and depicts them as visual layers.  This type of technology allows users to locate geographic features on a map such as Google Map and better understand a particular location.  It also enables planners and analysts to make more informed decisions about their communities. (Photo Credit:Ronnielle Frazer/GIS)