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Premier's Office
Central Statistics Office
Release Date:
Wednesday, 10 May 2023 - 12:59pm

Director of the Central Statistics Office Mr. Raymond Phillips has indicated that preparations are underway to administer the Population and Housing Census from June 15.

Mr. Phillips said after some unavoidable delays imposed by the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) will commence the 2023 Population and Housing Census in June that was initially scheduled for 2020. This exercise is scheduled to be complete in December 2023.

Mr. Phillips said that the information that will be generated from the census will reveal the social and economic conditions of the population and by extension the state of affairs of the Territory. The information will also contribute to assessing the population’s needs and ultimately aid in resolving national challenges.

The Director stated, “It is critical for the public to offer its full participation and co-operation to ensure the effectiveness of this initiative, which will have a positive impact on all persons who reside in and are visitors to the Virgin Islands.”

Mr. Phillips while explaining the data collection process stated, “The census collects data on a host of both housing and personal characteristics (of all persons residing in a household) including ownership status, power supply, water supply amenities, country, disability, education, health, and employment.”

The Director added, “It is therefore the most comprehensive database the CSO has available. Information produced from this database is used by a wide cross-section of stakeholders including the government, business, universities, researchers and students.”

The public is reminded that the Central Statistics Office is committed to operating with the highest level of confidentiality that is stipulated in the Statistical Act, 2005.

The theme for this year’s census is “Participation from you and me is the key for census 2020/2023”.

The Population and Housing Census will be conducted as a part of a collaborative effort with the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is committed to gathering and producing accurate information that will inform evidence-based decisions and policies, to improve the socio-economic conditions in the Virgin Islands.










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