Premier's Office
BVI Ports Authority Ltd
Release Date:
Friday, 18 September 2020 - 4:26pm


Friday, 18th September, 2020

10:00 a.m.

Good day and God’s Blessings to all of you.

It is indeed good to be here as we unveil the new logo that will be the new face of the Ports industry in the Virgin Islands.

I am pleased to see that even though our ports remain closed as we continue the phased reopening of our borders, the Chairman and his Board, the Director and his team continues to push forward, plan, and get ready for the New Regular as visitors prepare to return, to come to this Territory when we open for that category of persons which will be very soon.

As Minister responsible for Ports, it is important for me to state that maintaining this Territory’s Port services is a key part of our economic rebooting.

As a Government, we understand the importance of the BVI Ports Authority’s role.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Ports Authority is of critical value to this economy. It helps to facilitate business continuity through ports and shipping, which are an essential part of the socio-economic environment of this Territory.

Furthermore, the BVI Ports Authority’s cruise pier plays a key role in the tourism product offering of this Territory.

Today, I am happy to announce an opportunity to market a new, enhanced Port brand. This is an exciting chapter for any business or agency.

Though the process may present various obstacles to overcome, an effective brand transformation can completely redefine the business’s future potential because a brand is how we connect with our target audience- how we represent ourselves and our consumers.

What does Rebranding mean? 

It’s the reshaping, remodeling and recreating of a business trademark and brand identity. It involves more than making a few changes to an established brand.

Basically restructuring your powerhouse and developing new, improved strategies that will enrich the business and create a closer bond between us and our clients.

This pandemic has forced us all to move in a different direction, the Ports included and the BVIPA recognises the need to enhance and invigorate itself.

The BVI Ports Authority is committed to enhancing its services and aims to become the Caribbean’s Port of Choice.

Recently the Ports began launching new services such as the online booking system called PORTCALL, a dynamic system to allow both cargo ships and cruise ships access to real time bookings.

This new system has helped to augment business transactions with both Cargo and Cruise companies.

During the pandemic the BVIPA continued on its path in providing more efficient and safe ways to do business at the port, most recently with a contactless payment system.

The BVIPA team kept the supply chain moving throughout our many curfews having established a Cargo Pandemic plan that ensured that the supply chain remained uninterrupted.

The BVI Ports has adapted its business streams and positioned themselves to accept technical calls and warm layups during a time when regular cruising is not available for our region.

This creative approach to maintaining business continuity must be recognised. We are living in uncertain times and a level of innovation is required for our growth as a Territory.  

In the midst of all this, new port enhancement plans have been advanced for improved access to our many ports of entry, the exciting redevelopments will better position us as the Territory relies heavily on its maritime services and infrastructure.  

The ports are an unsung economic boon, directly and indirectly providing countless jobs for Virgin Islanders. 

Improving these facilities benefits the Territory’s economy and increases the capacity and efficiency of our transportation and supply network.

With the above mentioned, it is expected that the BVIPA has more than one reason to rebrand itself.

We made some progress; we must meet our own expectations and now need to move aggressively to secure our foundation for growth during this New Regular.

I continue to have enormous confidence in the BVI Ports Authority’s team and its commitment in their continued role in keeping the supply chain moving during this pandemic and beyond.

It is fitting that the anchor will now be the prominent feature of the rebranding, as the BVI Ports has shown us strength and steadfastness over the years, especially during this pandemic and will continue to be a source of stability in our New Regular.  

This is our New Regular and we’re in this together in BVILOVE, which means “Love Our Virgin Islands Every day.”

May God continue to be with us!

May God continue to be with the team at the Ports as they move forward with BVILOVE. I really appreciate that they are not waiting for the change to happen or for a date to move forward, they are moving forward, and they are staying ahead of the curve ready and set for when we open up this economy in the New Regular.

Once again, congratulations to all.   

I thank God for these beautiful Virgin Islands and its people.

Remember, BVI Ports Authority keeps the BVI Moving with BVILOVE!

I thank you.