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Central Statistics Office
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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 3:41pm

Officers from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and other public officers, stakeholders and partners can now communicate more effectively and deliver statistical messages and data products after participating in a Statistical Advocacy and Communications Workshop.

Director for the Central Statistics Office, Mr. Raymond Phillip said the workshop was an initiative under the OECS Statistical Communication and Advocacy Programme to train participants and solicit input on areas such as communications planning, media relations and data visualisation.

Mr. Phillips said, “It is anticipated that as a direct outcome, the information will help to improve the capacity of the CSO, the Department of Information and Public Relations (GIS) and other stakeholders. It will also contribute to a more regionally harmonised development and use of communication products such as videos, presentations, and press releases.”

The workshop also facilitated the development of a localised communication and advocacy work-plan as part of the OECS Statistical Communication and Advocacy Programme.

This programme is designed to assist member countries of the OECS region, with the promotion of the importance of national statistics and statistical systems so as to gain support, greater understanding, appreciation and value for statistical information. 

Director Phillips added that when these objectives are achieved, it is anticipated that there will be a transformation of the image of statistics in the BVI, the CSO, and statisticians.

He said, “We are expecting greater support and strengthened relevance; increased awareness and support for statistics and the CSO; and communicating the value of the office’s function.”

The director added that following the workshop, his office is committed to effective delivery of the messages of official statistics to a more diverse audience; empowering statisticians to better communicate with the media and other target audiences; promoting a wide use of official statistics in society; and renewing the energy in the promotion of official statistics.

The OECS Statistical Communications and Advocacy Programme is part of the wider Regional Strategy for the Development of Statistics (RSDS) 2017 to 2030. 

The strategy is a 14-year master plan endorsed by both CARICOM and the OECS which has as its core purpose: the transformation of official statistics for targeted policies; and decisions and programmes as per 21st century demands. 

The RSDS focuses on enacting improvements in seven strategic priority areas, namely: statistical governance, statistical administration, statistical infrastructure, statistical undertakings, statistical advocacy, statistical performance, and statistical cooperation.


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Department of Information and Public Relations (GIS)
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