Press Release

Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change
Release Date:
Tuesday, 16 January 2024 - 2:33pm

The Government of the Virgin Islands has launched a Registration Drive to extend employment, training and education opportunities to unemployed persons in the Virgin Islands.

The Government is conducting the drive through its Registration Apprenticeship Training Employment and Development (RATED) Programme. The RATED programme provides temporary employment opportunities with a number of ministries and departments in the Public Service.

The initiative dubbed, “Coming to a District Near You,” will be held from January 22 to January 31 in every electoral district and will extend employment, training and education opportunities to Virgin Islanders and Belongers between the ages of 18 to 70 who are not employed or are employed part-time. 

Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Dr. Natalio Wheatley says he is pleased about the new drive launched under the RATED programme.

The Premier said, “I am pleased to see this new initiative, “Coming to a District near You”.  This is yet further proof that we are on our way to achieving our goals through the RATED programme which is to change lives, enhance skills and develop future entrepreneurs, one person at a time.”

Premier Wheatley spoke about the future of the RATED programme and outlined plans to further develop the programme, thus extending more benefits for the people of the Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Mr. Ronald Smith-Berkeley is inviting interested persons to make a special effort to attend and be registered, during the drive.

Mr. Smith-Berkeley said, “So far the RATED programme has made its mark in the lives of many Virgin Islanders and Belongers who have had an opportunity to participate in the programme and some of whom have been able to secure permanent employment.”

He added, “ We have taken notice of the positive impact, and that is why we have launched “Coming to a District Near You”, to ensure that everyone hears about RATED and those interested and eligible can sign up to be a part of this Programme”.  

            Interested persons are asked to present documents including a BVI Passport or Belonger Card, National Health Insurance (NHI) Card, Social Security Card, Resumé (For persons interested in office employment)

 The RATED Programme is promoting areas of interest including Landscaping/Bush Cutting, Painting, Construction, Carpentry, Marine, Administration, Data Entry, Communications/Public Relations, Agriculture/Fisheries, Janitorial Services, Legal/Professional Services, Real Estate, and Hospitality.


Berta McKelly Adams

Assistant Information Officer
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