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Premier's Office
Central Statistics Office
Release Date:
Monday, 22 May 2023 - 4:13pm

Director of the Central Statistics Office Mr. Raymond Phillips has stated that the success of this year’s national and housing population census will depend heavily on the quality of the enumeration process.

Mr. Phillips said enumerators play the most important role in the conduct of the census exercise and that the success of the exercise hinges on their ability to effectively execute the job.

“As the faces of the census project, enumerators will be tasked with ensuring that respondents are comfortable, through applying the skills that will be garnered during the mandatory training sessions,” the director said.

He added, “Enumerators are also required to demonstrate keen knowledge with the Enumeration District (ED) to which they are assigned. Prior to the exercise, enumerators must submit an approach strategy which will serve as a guide for operating effectively in their respective districts.”                      

Enumerators have many responsibilities and must meet the following requirements when conducting interviews;

  • dress appropriately,
  • identify themselves before enumeration,
  • be able to articulate the importance of the Census,
  • assure respondents that all answers would be kept in the strictest of confidence,
  • be courteous and polite in all their interactions with the respondents,
  • be familiar with the questions and their corresponding answers,
  • not interrupt the respondents when they are responding,
  • be able to offer clarifications where necessary,
  • exercise patience always (do not rush the respondents to answer),
  • not make utterances or gestures that would lead to the answers to questions,
  • not in any way indicate surprise or disbelief of any answer given, and
  • express gratitude for the respondents time and cooperation before during and after the enumeration.

Mr. Phillips while outlining details on remuneration In light of the upcoming population and housing census stated that the remuneration rate for the census is $9.00 per unit with the housing part of the questionnaire represents one unit, and each individual living in the household represents an additional unit.

He also explained that the average household size in the Virgin Islands is three persons per household. Therefore each household on average has four units (i.e. 1 housing in addition to three persons) equating to $36 on average, per household

In offering details about the duration of the exercise, Mr. Phillips said the duration for enumeration is set at six months but with the absence of disruptions and the right approach to the exercise, enumeration could take around two months which is 13 households a week, to complete an enumeration district.

The director stated, “As it relates to transportation costs, an additional $4.00 will be allocated for each household. This he said brings the total to $40.00 to enumerate a typical household. The estimated time to complete the data collection process per household will vary depending on the amount of occupants in the household.”

Each enumerator is assigned to districts that contain approximately 100 households. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is committed to gathering and producing accurate information that will inform evidence-based decisions and policies, to improve the socio-economic conditions in the Virgin Islands.                                                


Sonjé Greenidge

Information Officer II
Department of Information and Public Relations (GIS)
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