This service consist of amending a previous marriage record.


Step 1:  Customer submits an affidavit requesting that the marriage record be amended to reflect the intended information.

Step 2:  Fee is collected from Customer for amendment.

Step 3:  A receipt is issued to the customer.

Step 4:  Staff logs the affidavit and it is submitted to the Registrar General for review and approval.

Step 5:  Once approved, customer is notified of the approval. Step 6: Customer collects amended Marriage Certificate.

Supporting Documents

  • Affidavits
  • $1.00 postage stamp affixed to the affidavit
  • Notarized copies of supporting documents
  • Previous Marriage Certificate

Additional Notes

Staff will ensure that all the particulars necessary in the affidavit are included, such as $1.00 stamp, supporting documents e.g. ID and the submission of any previous marriage certificate issued with the previous information.