Action officers should return files to the Records Office as soon as they have finished with them.  The records staff must check to see whether any returned file contains mail to be dispatched.  If so, the file copy must be filed immediately, any loose papers having first been firmly attached.

The letters for dispatch are then removed, recorded and dealt with.


The fact that the file has been returned to the Records Office must be noted on the file’s transit ladder and transit sheet.

Next, check the file for any instructions to the Records Officer. For example, if ‘bring‐up’ (BU) action is required, this must be recorded in the bring‐up dairy (See below). If the file is to be passed to another officer, department or ministry, this must be noted on transit sheet and the file dispatched.

If there are no outstanding instructions for action, the file must be put away immediately. No file other than those due for ‘bring up’ the next day (See below) will be left out in the Records Office at the end of the day.

Bring‐Up’ System

The ‘bring‐up’ system enables an action officer to request the Records Office to re‐issue a file on the day that he or she needs it. File users should be encouraged to take advantage of this service when action needs to be temporarily suspended. The ‘bring‐up’ system eliminates the need for action officers to hold on to files for long periods if they are not working on them and also helps to keep offices uncluttered.  The system must be reliable if users are to trust it.

The ‘bring‐up system ‘is one of the prime indicators of the efficiency of a Records Office and of the trust and reliance placed on it by action officers.

Its successful and efficient use prevents many of the problems encountered by Records Office staff, such as prolonged retention of files by users and the consequent difficulties in locating files or the need of spend excessive amounts of time carrying out censuses and searches.

The most effective method of maintaining ‘bring‐up’ records is to use a desk dairy with a space for each day. File users will indicate the need for, and details of any ‘bring‐up’ (‘BU’) in writing on the minute  sheet.  Records Office staff should record this request in the ‘bring‐up’ dairy under the appropriate date.

Each afternoon the member of the records staff responsible must look in the ‘bring‐up’ diary for the next day’s entries, take out each file due for bring‐up and mark up the transit ladder and the transit sheet for the file’s dispatch to the relevant officer the next day.

If a file due for BU is not in the Records Office, then the staff must locate it, using the transit sheet. If the file is already being used by the officer who requested it, or by another officer, it is the responsibility of the Head of the Records Office to notify the officer or officers and co‐ordinate action between them.

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