The Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) is a service that has been offered by DDM since 2009. The HVA is a report produced by the department that identifies and quantifies the main hazards that the site is susceptible to. The report includes hazard maps for specific hazards that show the spatial distribution of the hazard on the site in question. The report also provides recommendations as to how the hazard can be mitigated. These reports have become an integral part of the planning approval process and are commonly requested by individuals, companies and government agencies.


Step 1:  Complete and Submit a copy of the HVA Application form either electronically or in hard copy to the Department of Disaster Management along (DDM) with the required application fee.

Step 2:  DDM will initiate work on the report and contact the applicant to obtain additional information or to schedule a site visit if required.

Step 3: The report is completed and submitted to the applicant via email. A printed copy can also be provided upon request.

Method of Applying

In Person, Email, Regular Mail

Turn Around Time

1 to 2 Weeks

Additional Notes

It is important to provide the correct block and parcel number for the site in question. For subdivisions, the applicant is required to submit the layout in DWG or SHP format.

Department Contact Information

Department of Disaster Management

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Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands.


Business Hours:

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Email Address:

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