For this service every person whose name appears on the Preliminary List of registered voters may object to any other person whose name also appears therein as not being entitled to have his/her name therein.


Step 1:  An individual files a notice of objection on Form No. 4.

Step 2:  Supervisor of Elections where necessary, informs the person objected to in Form No. 5.

Step 3:  The application is reviewed to ensure completeness and supporting documentary evidence.

Step 4:  A hearing is scheduled with the Supervisor of Elections, claimant/objector and any other interested person.

Step 5:  The Supervisor considers and determines the objection according to the relevant provisions of the Elections Act-(Section 20- Claim)

Step 6:  Claimant/Objector or any other person interested shall be permitted to give or adduce oral or documentary evidence in support of or in opposition to claim or objection. There may be a recourse to the Deputy Governor(DG) on any questions arising as to whether any person is deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands. A sign statement by the DG will determine the issue.

Step 7:  Evidence tendered may require to be taken on oath or affirmation as administered in a court. Affidavits may also be taken.

Step 8:  Supervisor of Elections requests any additional information that may be required for a proper determination of claim or objection and for prevention of fraudulent registration.

Step 9:  The final decision on the claim/objection is made and all parties are informed of the Supervisor of Election’s decision and shall if required give in writing his/her reason(s) for making the decisions.

Step 10:  Decision of Supervisor of Elections may be appealed to the Judge of the High Court.

Supporting Documents

  • Notice of Claim – Form No. 3
  • Notice of Objection – Form No. 4

Method of Applying

In Person, Through Agent

Turn Around Time

1 to 2 Weeks

Department Contact Information

Office of the Supervisor of Elections

216 Upper Main Street
Creque Building
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Email Address:

Telephone: 1(284) 468-4380
Fax: 1(284) 468-2779